“I like to think of myself as a simple person. To be able to play a part in fulfilling somebody’s dream is a dream come true for me. Whether I do it knowingly or unknowingly, as long as I played a small part in the big picture, I am happy!” 

― Noelle Kan


Full-time fashion designer, brand owner and part-time traveller

Our Collaboration

Armed with an adventurous and carefree spirit, Noelle Kan is known to be the "child of the tropics". Brand owner of KANOE WEAR, Noelle has a heart to upskill and provide her makers with a steady income through her passion of creating fashionable products at KANOE. Our collaboration with Noelle has since seen a growing love for her Batik apparel collection, ranging from the all-time fave headbands to vintage chic flare pants to effortlessly stylish kimonos.

What made Noelle work on a collection of beautifully made batik apparel? She shared: "I saw these batik fabrics that spoke of old traditional textile charm... I immediately fell in love with them and decided to create some fresh and fun designs with the textiles, which I hope everyone would love as much as I do!".