Aria Earrings - Black Sand


These modern beauties are not just showpieces but each pair celebrates a heritage of Indonesia with its exotic beauty of native sand and spices. This pair packs itself with Tulamben Beach's black sand; formed by Indonesia's Mount Agung's eruption, and what lies beneath the wreckage of USS Liberty.

All pieces are available in stock. 

Crafted by The Resin Cousins in Indonesia

Every piece has been thoughtfully designed by the founders of OAKSVA and carefully handcrafted by families of jewelry artisans from Gianyar and Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

  • Studs
  • Height 4cm x semi-circle width 2cm
  • Black sand encased resin circle 1cm
  • Non-toxic water-resistant resin
  • 18ct Gold-plated Brass
  • Natural Element: Tulamben Beach Black Sand

As each pair is handcrafted, slight differences may occur. Gold-plated brass and Silver-plated brass may oxidise after some time, but majority of this can be easily polished and cleaned with a jewelry cleaning cloth. 

  • Avoid long exposure to high heat and submerging into water as resin is water-resistant but not waterproof
  • Gold and silver-plated brass may oxidise over time. Majority of this can be easily polished and cleaned with a jewelry cleaning cloth
  • Refrain from spraying perfume or alcohol on the resin
  • Clean with a lightly damp cloth and mild soap, if required

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