Linen Mask

Colour: Young Olive

For the one who adores linen and loves to go on a 100% linen full throttle. What's more? Your linen mask's cloth is an off-cut piece from our linen apparel range - in other words, no cloth goes unwanted. We do our best to use every thread.

Kindly note that all linen masks will not be eligible for exchanges or returns.

Crafted by Mr JS from the Refugee Sewing Community in Malaysia

Being a tailor for 30 years, every piece is handmade with his exceptional sewing skills, fuelled by his inner resolve to love and provide the best for his family.

  • Upcycled 100% pure linen cloth from our linen apparel range
  • 13cm (H) x 25cm (L)
  • Two-layer mask with pocket filter, adjustable ear straps
  • Annamarie & Rima are also wearing Luna Lounge Dress

As each piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • Low (lukewarm) temp, light detergent, gentle setting
  • Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading
  • Air dry, medium hot ironing

As your linen piece is medium weight, slight creases can occur. But well, that's the beauty of linen we love!

See full linen care guide here.

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