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 Our Story



Our Barehands started with three friends visiting artisan communities around the world, be it for community service trips, for travel or simply visiting old friends and making new ones. Passionate about making a difference wherever and in whatever they put their hands to, the business started as a response to problems faced by many small-producing artisan communities who did not have the access to global resources or opportunity. The communities were struggling to make a sale and hardly earning enough to put food on the table. The trio then recognised that many were producing what they thought the market wanted, in hope that people would purchase. The founders then spent time with the artisans; understanding their way of life, challenges and needs. This eventually led to the birth of Our Barehands in May 2019.

They saw a need and made a choice to bridge that divide.



The hope is for more artisan craftsmen and women to benefit from the economic tools and access that Our Barehands brings to them, and in turn so will their communities flourish. 

We know we cannot change communities alone.

It is our hope that you will join this movement of change with your bare hands.

If you would like to be a part of this movement, find out more at collaborate.