Why made to order? Well, we're here to change the way we shop.

1. It's Personalised
We prepare and produce with YOU in mind. For our apparels, we are even be able to do small tweaks for your body type. Yes, it's true! Get ready to own a piece that you'll wear for many years to come.

2. It Generates Less Wastage
When we plan our production and purchases, we avoid over-producing and over-buying. So, say no to unwanted pieces hanging around for months or even years! Our precious and handcrafted pieces will also avoid ending up in the landfills, rejected. Let's care for our earth even in our purchases!

3. It Reduces Our Carbon Footprint
Similar to car pooling, we order pool! We consolidate your orders and send them to our dispatch centre when ready. Then they make their way to you!

Join us in being a part of this change too, and we thank you for your patience with us!

Image above: Artisan JS based in Malaysia | The hands behind our linen collection
Image above: Artisan Anil based in India | The hands behind our woven slides collection