Batik Scrunchies - Earth Tones

$14 SGD


  • Comes in a bunch of three
  • Material: 100% Upcycled Cotton Batik, Elastic
  • Designed by KANOE
  • Crafted by the Afghan Refugee Community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Versatile, non-chunky and keeping your hair from your face, these Batik Scrunchies are more than your typical scrunchie.

Stitched from the off-cuts from our Batik collection, #zerowaste is the direction we are working towards. Embodied in every piece is traditional art, a taste of home and the smell of the tropics.

    Embodied in every Batik piece is the love for traditional art and a taste of home, from the Malaysian tropical brand, KANOE. Every item is designed by Noelle Kan, and handcrafted by Said, an Afghan refugee, hailing from Iran, but currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Said learnt how to stitch, sew and produce beautiful garments thanks to a factory that he had worked in, in Iran, previously. His hope is to live in a country where he can have citizenship and the means to provide for his family.

    Read more here.

    Machine, dry clean or hand wash. Put your batik piece in a laundry mesh before placing it into the washing machine for better care.

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