Big Scrunchies (Set of 3)

$20 SGD

Natura: From the Earth to the Skies - a Barehands collaboration with Chantelle Lin.



Crafted by Master Blockprinters in Bhuj, India

Wood carving and block printing have become second nature to Juned's band of master printers over the years. As a traditional art that dates back thousands of years ago, the team seeks to preserve this craft by keeping its process organic yet relevant in this age.

Designed by Chantelle Lin, Singapore

A multidisciplinary artist and designer of Studio Huan by Chantelle, Chantelle's forte lies in creating contemporary objects, products and sculptures.

Focused on intuitive values of aesthetics and elements drawn from nature, much of her works are centred on creating contemporary objects that bring poetry and presence to both the space it inhabits and perception of its subjects.

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As each piece is naturally dyed and hand stitched, a difference in print placements and possible colour run of raw elements may occur on the fabric. 

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