Linen Mask

$12 SGD
Colour: Natural Sand


    • Material: Upcycled 100% pure linen cloth from our linen apparel range.
    • Measurements: 13cm height, 25cm length
    • Features: Two-layer mask with pocket filter, Adjustable ear straps
    • Models are also wearing Luna Lounge Dress in Forest Pine/Natural Sand

    *Depending on border restrictions due to COVID-19. Do check your emails for updates on changes, if any.

      The Hands Behind

      Crafted by Mr JS from the Refugee Sewing Community in Malaysia

      Being a tailor for 30 years, every piece is handmade with his exceptional sewing skills, fuelled by his inner resolve to love and provide the best for his family.


      For the one who adores linen and loves to go on a 100% linen full throttle. What's more? Your linen mask's cloth is an offcut piece from our linen apparel range - in other words, no cloth goes unwanted. We do our best to use every thread.

      As each piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

      Why made to order? Well, we're here to change the way we shop.

      1. It's Personalised
      We prepare and produce with you in mind. Sometimes, we might even be able to do small tweaks for your body type. Well, let's see!

      2. It Generates Less Wastage
      When we plan our purchases, we avoid overproduction and unwanted pieces hanging around for months. And, our precious linen pieces will avoid ending up in the landfills, rejected.

      3. It Reduces Our Carbon Footprint
      Similar to car pooling, we order pool! We consolidate your orders and send them to our dispatch centre when ready. Then they make their way to you!

      Be a part of this change too.

       How do I wash my 100% pure linen piece?

      • Good news, there is no need to dry clean your linen piece. Hand wash or machine wash is absolutely fine. However, only do so in low (lukewarm) temperatures, using light detergent, in a low-spin or gentle setting.
      • Washing in high temperatures will unnecessarily shrink your piece
      • Linen also becomes softer and more absorbent as you wash!

      How do I dry my 100% pure linen piece?

      • Best way to dry your linen is to take them out of your wash still damp and air dry by hanging or laying flat 
      • Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading

      Should I iron my 100% pure linen piece?

      • As your linen piece is medium weight, slight creases can occur however that's the beauty of linen we love!
      • If you do need to iron your linen piece, you may iron the garment inside out (medium hot) or use a steam iron (low heat setting)

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