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Nanda Hoop Tassel Earrings - Crimson Natural

$16.00 SGD


About Nanda Hoop Tassel (Limited Edition):

The Nanda Hoop Tassel earrings in Crimson Natural is a fresh edit for the season! Lightweight and easy to wear, the earrings were conceptualised by Eh Wah, a budding Myanmar-based designer who loves adding colour to her art form. The hands behind the product are women in Myanmar who were personally trained by her. Many of whom were unable to find employment because of their health condition. This pair of earrings represents the meaningful journey Eh Wah has undertaken with her women producers; one that speaks about painting colour back into each of their lives. Limited edition and in small batch.

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8.5cm length from top of threaded hoop to bottom of tassel.

As each jewelry piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

This product was made by human hands with:

  • Polyester thread
  • Silver alloy ear hooks


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Care Instructions.

How do we partner our artisans?

Our Barehands’ philosophy is centred on people first, open dialogue, originality and income sustainability. We work closely with our artisan partners to co-design when necessary, source the best materials and manage a safe delivery of the finished products to our work station. The final price that you see takes into account the work that has been contributed by different stakeholders. This includes our craftsmen’s reasonable wage, cost of raw materials, product design and logistics amongst others.

We are on a journey that is ever-evolving but our hope is for our artisan communities to be built and to flourish over time.  For that to happen, we know it will take a long-term approach and a collective effort from you and I.

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Nanda Hoop Tassel Earrings - Crimson Natural - Our Barehands

Nanda Hoop Tassel Earrings - Crimson Natural

$16.00 SGD