Rekindle: Butter Knives & Linen Drawstring Set

$27 SGD
Choice of Bag Colours:

Know someone who absolutely can’t do without butter? Our unique coconut wood seashell butter knife (large & small) set by Monkey Loot is sure to put a smile to her/his face!

Match made with our dual-toned 100% linen drawstring cases, these will sure make adorable gift sets. 

All pieces are available in stock

Crafted by Mr JS from the Refugee Sewing Community in Malaysia

Being a tailor for 30 years, every piece is handmade with his exceptional sewing skills, fuelled by his inner resolve to love and provide the best for his family.

Bundle includes:
  • 100% Linen dual-toned Drawstring Bag: H10.5” x W8.5”
  • Turin Coconut Wood Seashell Butter Knife (Large): L16 x W1.5cm 
  • Eden Coconut Wood Seashell Butter Knife (Small): L11 x W2.5 cm

As each piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

100% Linen Drawstring Bag:

  • Hand wash or machine wash with low (lukewarm) temp, light detergent, gentle setting. Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading. Air dry, medium hot ironing. See full linen care guide here.

Monkey Loot Coconut Wood Seashell Knives:

  • Wash by hand with soapy water, avoid soaking. Avoid placing items into the dishwasher to prevent unwanted cracks. Ensure items are completely dry to prevent mould. Occasionally rubbing your items with olive oil or beeswax will enable its longevity.

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