Rekindle: Kokeball & Knot Bag Set

$78 SGD
Knot Bag Design:

Unsure what to gift your plant-lover friend this festive season? Our upcycled MATTER Knot Bag and Kokeball’s limited edition Christmas Kokeball might just be your saviour.

The Caladium species of plant is a beautiful heart-shaped leaf plant that boasts stunning bicolour foliage. Though they may have delicate looking leaves, they are long-lasting houseplants that will brighten up any corner of the home. In colder climates, they can go dormant, but ‘resurrect’ again in spring as they grow from tubers. They are also fondly named the Heart of Jesus, which is a great festive gift for the season!

The Caldium plant comes in surprise variations that we’ll handpick for its new home.

Bundle is eligible to Singapore addresses only. Delivery occurs every weekend and incurs an additional fragile shipping charge of $7.

All pieces are available in stock

Crafted by Mama Samy in Singapore

A self-taught seamstress for over 20 years. From upcycled masks to bags, every piece made by her is carefully stitched and quality checked - all in the comfort of her home.

Bundle includes:
  • Upcycled MATTER’s block-printed knot bag: L22cm x H26.5cm x W4.5cm
  • Christmas or ‘Heart of Jesus’ Kokeball: approx. H27cm x B10cm
    • Caladium design will be picked randomly 

As each piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

Upcycled MATTER Knot Bag:

  • Hand wash or machine wash with low (lukewarm) temp, light detergent, gentle setting. Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading. Air dry, medium hot ironing. See full care guide here.

Christmas Kokeball:

  • To maintain its bright variegations, place it near bright indirect light and avoid extended harsh exposure to the sun especially in the afternoon. Provide a good amount of humidity by misting often, placing it with other plants or away from drafty areas like in a bright bathroom.

  • Water every 3 days by soaking in mossball in water for about 5 minute, or until thoroughly drenched. This plant is considered toxic to cats and dogs.

  • Plant Disclaimer: The information/images shown are for illustrative purposes. Actual colour, size/height and appearance of the plants are approximate only, and may vary due to the nature conditions of livestocks.


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