Hand-knotted Rope Necklace & Bracelet - Pale

$16 SGD
  • 26.5cm in length (when hooked)
  • Locally sourced, naturally waxed rope & wooden button 
The Hands Behind

Crafted by Eh Wah & Artisans in Yangon, Myanmar

Every piece has been skilfully crafted by the hands of women personally trained by Eh Wah; many of whom were unable to find employment because of their health condition.


Perfect for the earthy minimalists who love versatility. These showpieces can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, or in any way you love for it to be styled! Hand-knotted using a natural waxed rope and finished with a wooden button closure, the team is known for combining art form and delivering excellent craftsmanship. Each piece speaks about a unified beauty in our everyday life.

As each hand-knotted piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

New piece has a waxed touch and feel but multiple wears will gradually wear out the waxed finish.

Simply stretch the rope to make the necklace permanently longer.

Use a warm damp cloth to clean if stained. Store in dry area and away from high heat.

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