Wayuu Bucket Sling - Mustard

$95 SGD


  • Height: 20cm, Width: 20.5cm, Strap: 48.5cm
  • Model is 160-168cm
  • Acrylic thread
The Hands Behind

Crafted by the Wayuu Tribe in La Guajira, Colombia

Weaving is said to be an essential part of the Wayuu culture as it symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and creativity. A technique passed down through generations, the Wayuu people see it as their opportunity to tell their story and share their dreams.


Each bag takes 3 weeks to weave and assemble. The Wayuu Bucket Sling features a double woven acrylic body that enables it to hold its shape, attached with a sturdy shoulder strap, and finished with a pair of fully layered bell tassels to give that extra oomphShe is the perfect complement to any basics  definitely a keeper!

Slight differences may occur due to its handcrafted nature.

Learn how to properly care for your handcrafted bag
  • Avoid brushing bag against sharp objects
  • If stains are spotted, spray with mild soap diluted with water
  • Rub stain and clean with damp cloth
  • Rinse off with water, if necessary 
  • Dry in room temperature; avoid high temperatures

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