Zeya Bead Cluster Necklace

$28 SGD
Colour: Cocoa
  • Length: 30cm (when hooked)
  • Locally-sourced, hand cut-like dyed beads, rustic silver ball and rope
The Hands Behind

Crafted by Eh Wah & Artisans in Yangon, Myanmar

Every piece has been skilfully crafted by the hands of women personally trained by Eh Wah; many of whom were unable to find employment because of their health condition.


Our Zeya Bead Cluster necklace features a joining of multiple beads strung together with a rope hook, while characterized by a rustic silver ball at its end. The ornament symbolizes strength in the midst of adversity. Hand-beaded using a mishmash of hand cut-like beads, it is sure to lift any outfit in an instant. 

As each hand-beaded piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

We recommend the following for your jewelry care:

  • Clean with a soft brush if there is any dirt trapped in the grooves of the beads
  • If stained, use non-alcoholic wet wipes to clean, followed by a dry cloth or jewelry polishing / microfiber cloth
  • Avoid pulling the earrings or hitting against hard surfaces
  • Store in dry area or in dust bag provided

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