The Resin Cousins

〣 Location: Gianyar, Yogyakarta | Indonesia
〣 No of Artisans: 7
〣 Specialty Skill: Resin Jewelry

"Our hope is to keep working together to promote Indonesia's beauty through jewelry-making. We want our customers to feel proud of what they wear."

- Made Darsana, Chief Artisan


Every piece of OAKSVA Jewelry is the result of the creativity of each jewelry artisan and the beauty of the Indonesian seas and highlands. Etched in every resin pair of earrings, is a piece of nature from the Tulamben Beach Sand in Bali, Murui River in Kalimantan and real spices like Chilli, Parsley and Turmeric that are widely grown in Indonesia - all of which sealed and perfected in a pair that all of us can take home and share its story. (Fun fact: can you tell how OAKSVA's Ara Earrings are inspired Jellyfishes?). The jewelry truly represents the best of both worlds; artisanal jewelry practices and modern-day techniques.

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As the people of Gianyar are known for their expert craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise, it is no wonder that the artisans from OAKSVA have been making jewelry for almost all their lives, mastering the intricate techniques of jewelry-making, while having the option to add new techniques like resin. The team of artisans behind the crafting of the beautiful collection are (all related by blood or are distant cousins):

  • Made Darsana, Chief Artisan
  • Nyoman Suryadi, Artisan
  • Made Gunung, Artisan
  • Luh Sari, Artisan
  • Ketut Nuasa, Artisan
  • Lukito, Resin Artisan
  • Dina, Resin Artisan

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