Our Beginnings

As consumers ourselves

Like many others, we felt it was time to put our dollars where it mattered. We searched high and low for lifestyle products with a positive impact on society. But throughout our search, we faced a constant dilemma, having to choose between quality, design or affordability.

Then we asked ourselves - why does this have to be the case?

Stories to Tell

We started thinking about the local communities we'd met over the years. Many had traditional skills and artistry passed down through generations, and others had life stories that motivated their immense heart to learn. Above all, these communities had something in their hands to offer, but had somehow gone unseen, unrecognised and unheard.

It dawned on us that there was beauty undiscovered.

Leap of faith

So, shelving plans for a "conventional" career, we decided to take a leap of faith. Our goal was to become a bridge connecting resources and opportunities to the local communities we've come to know and that have evolved from partners to friends.

With that, Our Barehands was born.

"We envision a more equitable world for us all, one with opportunities and resources shared - no matter our backgrounds. We invest in the lives of our artisans and connect you to the products they make. We hope that this will enable them to have a more sustainable livelihood, and a life of dignity for themselves, their families and their communities."

Germaine, Chanel & Mitchell

Founders of Our Barehands

Meet Our Founders

Just three good friends journeying together with a shared vision and a common goal.



Germaine, our resident ideator, strongly believes in creating equal opportunities for the underserved, under privileged and the unheard. When she’s not busy dreaming up ways to help small-producers achieve their full potential, you’ll find her practicing a variety of accents (we particularly recommend her rendition of Siri).



Chanel, our resident creative whizkid, is passionate about using creativity to pursue justice and equality amongst the marginalised. A strong believer in the power of giving a voice to the voiceless, she also has a borderline obsessive love for passionfruit. She is currently attempting to master the Indonesian language.



Mitchell, our lead strategist, is committed to creating positive change through connecting small-producers to the transformative power of business. He longs to see a world where opportunities for small-producers are sustainable in the long-term, but till then he keeps himself busy playing chef and dreaming of all-day barbecues.

Our Barehands belongs to all of us - our artisans, our partners, our customers.

Join us in our journey.