Meet the duo behind Singaporean fashion brand Barehands

After dabbling in the traditional manufacturing of bags and shoes, the trio stumbled upon a refugee tailor community in Malaysia at the height of the COVID‑19 pandemic.

There, they met a master tailor who impressed them with his skills and decided to collaborate with him on a sample collection. It was then that the trio recognised the potential of starting a business that could transform the lives of artisans by connecting them with a network of opportunities and resources. Motivated by the importance of shedding light on the faces and stories of the people working behind the scenes, Barehands was born in 2019. The brand has since expanded its reach to 10 different communities consisting of 144 partner artisans in Colombia, Venezuela, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 

Led by the Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore, Barehands is one of the Made With Passion brands, an initiative which celebrates and encourages local brands to follow, grow and live their passions.  

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