Your Conscious Christmas Gift Guide To Online Marketplaces

Our Barehands not only celebrates their artisans’ talents and creativity but also offers them training and reinvestment so they can create a sustainable livelihood and find new opportunities. And when we say ‘talents and creativity’, boy do we mean it. Exhibit A: these Aru Turmeric earrings. Made by The Resin Cousins in Indonesia, these earrings contain grains of turmeric encased in non-toxic resin, attached to a modern gold-plated design. The whole collection features different sands and spices that are notable in Indonesian culture. Turmeric, for example, is used in the traditional health drink, Jamu. Our Barehands also sell ‘Support Local Boxes’, including this Super Farmers Urban Farming Gift Kit, featuring three vegetables and intended for an urban space, such as an office or home.

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