A Macrame Carrier collaboration with Japanese Sake Brewery

“Being a part of Barehands was about giving back to our communities in Singapore. Helping a person feel valued in a creative endeavour was a big part of the project.”

― Adeline Yeo Matsuzaki


Our Collaboration

Our Barehands partnered with Takanami (translates to high wave) Sake Brewery for its inaugural Sake Launch in Singapore, in 2019. Established in April 1871, the Sake Brewery is one of the oldest breweries specialising in handcrafted, small-batch sake from the Nagano Prefecture, Japan. We were approached by Mrs Adeline Yeo Matsuzaki towards the end of 2019 to produce 200 macrame Japanese sake carriers for its range of limited edition rice wines. Our Barehands' collaboration with Takanami is one that is borne out of a similar passion for all things artisanal, handcrafted, yet with an underlying purpose of enabling and supporting local communities.

Catch our Macrame trainer, Grace Goh's training session with our Deaf artisans here