REKINDLE Gifting: Kokeball

"Through Kokeball, we hope to equip and empower others with the confidence to cultivate their own tabletop/corridor gardens no matter the space or environment they have."

- Natasha & Nathaniel, Founders of Kokeball SG


Share a little about the founders of Kokeball.

Hi we are Nathaniel and Natasha, the sibling duo behind Kokeball.  We never thought our home would become the urban jungle it is today. In fact, we never thought of ourselves as “plant people”.

Our journey began when Natasha was gifted a plant to care for. What started as an obligation blossomed into a relationship that brought a quiet joy into our lives. We love meeting people through our work and hearing about everyones’ plant journey.

Why did you start Kokeball?

Kokeball began as an experimental journey with plants. We never had green thumbs/fingers, as people call it, and never had the confidence to grow or sustain plants. We started experimenting and observing how different plants thrived under different conditions. We were also inspired by Singapore’s urban space and tapped on the Japanese’ knack for minimalistic aesthetics to create a plant form that can be introduced easily into apartments, and easy for busy city-dwellers to care for. Through Kokeball, we hope to equip and empower others with the confidence to cultivate their own tabletop/corridor gardens no matter the space or environment they have. 

What does Kokeball hope to achieve?

We live in a unique time where we have plunged into greater connectivity through digital platforms. But human connectivity or personal touch cannot be replaced by screens; and being in touch with nature helps us to center ourselves amidst the noise and busy lifestyles we lead. The art of kokedama traces back to a centuries old Japanese gardening technique that elevates the beauty of transience and imperfection (‘wabi-sabi’). Through our hand-crafted Kokeballs, we hope to inspire people to pause and appreciate nature in their lives.

Why partner Our Barehands in this collaboration?

This Christmas, we are partnering with Our Barehands because we share the ethos of empowering communities through hand-crafted products. We love the collaboration that Our Barehands have with talented artisans from communities around the world and we want to join the opportunity to empower these artisans in the beautiful and unique pieces they created with utmost love and care. 

Why this particular plant for the collaboration, any special significance?

The Caladium species of plant is a beautiful heart-shaped leaf plant that boasts stunning bicolour foliage. Though they may have delicate looking leaves, they are long-lasting houseplants that will brighten up any corner of the home. In colder climates, they can go dormant, but ‘resurrect’ again in spring as they grow from tubers. They are also fondly named the Heart of Jesus, which is a great festive gift for the season!

How do I care for my Kokeball?

To maintain its bright variegations, place it near bright indirect light and avoid extended harsh exposure to the sun especially in the afternoon. Provide a good amount of humidity by misting often, placing it with other plants or away from drafty areas like in a bright bathroom. Water every 3 days by soaking in mossball in water for about 5 minute, or until thoroughly drenched. This plant is considered toxic to cats and dogs.

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kokeball with barehands knot bag


kokeball with barehands knot bag