Eh Wah's Studio

〣 Location: Yangon, Mawlamyine, Myaung Mya | Myanmar
〣 No of Artisans: 25
〣 Specialty Skill: Thread, Fabric, Beads & Recycled Items

"My goal is to dream together and grow together with all the ladies. When I grow, when the business grows, they will also grow together."

- Eh Wah

There’s something truly powerful about women-led craft. Eh Wah, our artisan partner in Myanmar, is the perfect example of this. From beads and accessories to bags and apparel, Eh Wah is a designer whose work is equally rooted in culture, people and great design. Meet her and her team of ladies through the lens of our team in the video below.

The Products

Each and every item by Eh Wah and her team of 7 women designers is a testament to their fortitude. All of them, who now live together in Eh Wah’s home in Yangon, have been marginalised in some way but are now dedicated to creating beautiful products that help to support themselves and their families. 

Through hand-crafting beaded earrings and braided necklaces, Eh Wah and her band of women are able to express themselves, all while achieving their goal of achieving a sustainable future. 

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The Story


We first chanced upon Eh Wah, whilst on a routine visit to Myanmar. She greeted us with her signature cheerful disposition and before we knew it, we’d heard her life story and were ready to delve into a partnership. As a child, Eh Wah followed her nurse mother around on countless hospital visits, and learned at a very young age that helping people is no ordinary feat. This belief is what led her to start working with a non-profit organisation that helped provide job opportunities to those stricken with leprosy. Through her work, she met several people who would require more flexible working arrangements to balance both their health and work responsibilities. Eh Wah decided to take these people under her wing, providing them with dignified work which allowed them to take care of themselves as well. 


What started as a passion project helping people soon evolved into an enterprise. She found herself working day and night to train her group of producers, gradually easing them out of a life of struggle into a life of empowerment. 


Through determined perseverance and a commitment to the purpose behind her work, Eh Wah finally saw the growth she was striving for. Gradually, her team grew from two, to ten and has expanded to more than 25 artisans producing products all throughout Myanmar. Her team of producers work from their homes and she takes time out to personally meet and check in on them frequently. 

Artisan Ma Su Pone Chit spinning thread before trimming and tying them together for our Nanda and Yadana earrings.

Artisan Ma Phyu Phyu Win doing her everyday sewing in her personal workspace.

Artisan Ma Ei The (left) and Ma The Su Htwe (right) at their creative workspace.

From left to right: Germaine, Ma Phyu Phyu Win, Ma Htet Htet Naing, Naw Eh Wah, Ma The Su Htwe, Ma Ei The, Ma Su Pone Chit, Chanel