Founders chat: Our Barehands turns ONE!

Our series of Firsts

"We are one? Where did all that time go?!" In an unexpected and light-hearted conversation over zoom, our Founders, Chanel and Germaine recollect a series of firsts for Barehands. Having taken a leap from their set paths, the ladies share unreservedly their thoughts about the first time broaching the topic of starting a business, having to meet real-life customers for the first time, to visiting their artisan communities for the first time.

Watch part I of our Founders chat in celebration of our first birthday below. 


What is one word you would describe your Barehands journey?

Taking a short pause, both summed up their journey with two words: Seasons and Patience

Speaking about the changing seasons that an entrepreneur experiences, a few key ingredients are essential for growth - patience and effort. Taking reference to the current climate that the world is in (note to diary: there was a health crisis in 2020), it is no doubt that things can and will change, but what is in our control is a perspective shift on what can and should be done in this season.

Watch part II of our Founders chat below.


What is one thing you would like to share with everyone?

Apart from saying a big thank you on behalf of our artisan communities, to the many hands who who have joined us on this long and important journey of enabling each one to stand on their own two feet, the Founders have curated a series of #stayhome gift sets for you to share some good cheer during this season. Adapted from their sharing, each set is curated in a season's colourway of Autumn, Spring and Winter.

What story will your hands tell?

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