Hope: An Anniversary Special with Naked Works

1. Share a little about yourself & your background.

Hi! My name is Zoey and I’m an embroidery artist residing in Singapore. I’ve been embroidering for a living for the past 4 years since I completed my Masters Degree in Fine Arts. I used to be an illustrator and along the way I was looking for different kinds of mediums to give my illustration an edge. I stumbled upon embroidery and I have not looked back ever since! I think that the best part of embroidery is how versatile it is, allowing room for creativity and expression. Embroidery has been around for years and it is so exciting to be able to have the chance to express myself through embroidery with my own twist!

2. What do you envision for this collaboration?

I actually have not worked on linen apparels much before and I am super excited to see how embroidery will look like on them! I would love to see how my style of embroidery would flow with Barehands’ carefully crafted apparels and how the different textures compliment each other.

3. What was your inspiration behind the collaborated pieces?

I wanted to use colours that would blend seamlessly with the curated apparels and at the same time create a standout embroidery piece. Embroidery has been around for such a long time and as it is so versatile, it changes according to the artist even though we all use the same universal techniques.

We were inspired by different types of flowers such as the Lotus that signifies purity, enlightenment and especially strength amidst adversity.

4. Why did you decide to partner Barehands on this project?

I really appreciate that Barehands works with artisans from all around the world creating job opportunities for refugees. This is very inspiring and a huge motivation for me to work with them as I believe in giving back to society with our crafts and skills especially during such a tough time like this.

5. What is your idea of hope?

I believe that hope is paying it forward by giving others a chance to show their true potential. Hope is what kept me moving forward when in doubt especially when I started embroidery as a career. Being an embroidery artist in Singapore is rather unconventional and it took a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and hope to get me to where I am today.

Our Story of Hope: Barehands x Naked Works' collection launches on 13 May 2021, 8PM (SGT) in our Aurelie Crop Top, Meadow Midi Dress and Linen Masks. Limited pieces available.