Yuhui, Actseed Co.: Art, Paper goods, interior notebooks and the little things

"The power of gifting lies in a piece of art - we hope that our products will bring joy, warmth, comfort and most importantly love." - Yuhui Wang, Actseed Co.
About the Founder & Brand
Founded by Yuhui Wang in August 2014, Actseed Co. is a design studio based in Singapore that started off from a collaborative idea where designers could come together to create 100 Verses One Heart - which was also successfully funded on Kickstarter.
Photo from: Actseed.co

In 2015, the team started to explore the power of words that could encourage and inspire people through brush lettering. After almost a thousand over prints
they felt that something was needed to complement the beautiful prints. And so, their very first photo frames were born on Sept 2017.

As a form of giving back to the community, Actseed Co. decided to donate stationery and notebooks to the less fortunate children. The collaborations include partnering Children Cancer Foundation and Eight for Aid where the brand donated $8 from every sale to social organisations such as Babes - a teenage pregnancy crisis service that reaches out to pregnant teenage girls in need of help and support.

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Photo from: Actseed.co