How do I wash my 100% pure linen piece?

  • Good news, there is no need to dry clean your linen piece. Hand wash or machine wash is absolutely fine. However, only do so in low (lukewarm) temperatures, using light detergent, in a low-spin or gentle setting.
  • Washing in high temperatures will unnecessarily shrink your piece
  • Linen also becomes softer and more absorbent as you wash!

How do I dry my 100% pure linen piece?

  • Best way to dry your linen is to take them out of your wash still damp and air dry by hanging or laying flat 
  • Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading

Should I iron my 100% pure linen piece?

  • As your linen piece is medium weight, slight creases can occur however that's the beauty of linen we love!
  • If you do need to iron your linen piece, you may iron the garment inside out (medium hot) or use a steam iron (low heat setting)