Puspak Woven Slides - Oiled Dark Brown Leather


Perfect for any occasion, these handwoven leather slides are bound to keep you company while keeping you real stylish. Oiled with natural preserving oils to achieve the perfect shade of dark brown, the leather on these slides will eventually develop a beautiful patina.

Puspak, which means flying machine in Hindi, is an apt word for these slides -- they’ll be a trusty companion as you fly through errands, meetings and maybe even cities when the dust settles.

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Crafted by Leather Shoemakers in Athani, Karnataka, India

Every pair is made by hand, a result of the skill and artistry of master leather shoemakers that have been passed through generations in the community.

  • True to size, weaving loosens as you wear 
  • Full grain vegetable-tanned buffalo leather 
  • Thick leather midsole, grippy sole & cushion footbed

As each piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.

Quality leather shoes always deserve a tad bit of care and love. Here’s what to do if you notice your shoes needing a little buff or shine:

  1. Clean your shoes with a brush and dip a clean cloth into a solution of warm water with mild soap
  2. Gently rub it over the surface of your shoes
  3. Wipe off soap and dry in room temperature
  4. Apply leather conditioning balm to protect from stains, cracks and to add shine
  5. To keep the shade and richness of the dark brown oiled leather, apply natural leather oil
  6. Store in dry area 

We get it. New shoe struggles. Here are a few quick steps to help you break them in, and voila! You’ll be ready with a pair of life-long footwear.

  • Spray a generous amount of water inside each slide, put on a pair of cozy socks and traipse around the house for about 30 minutes OR
  • Soak your feet in some water (foot spa!) and wear the slides around the house for around 30 minutes

It’s totally worth it, because over time, our leather slides mould to the shape of your feet.

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