Bryan Lim

"I hope to be able to continually seek and showcase beauty even in the most desolate of places. This is what I am fiercely passionate about." 

Bryan Lim

Our Collaboration

Barehands had the privilege of meeting Bryan from Boutiques Fair and started a series of photoshoot collaborations with him. Here's a close up interview with Bryan during the COVID-19 season. Hear more about his passion for photography and why he decided to collaborate with Barehands!

Visit Bryan's portfolio here.


Hi Bryan, can you tell us more about yourself and your passion?

Bryan: Hello Barehand-ers, hope everyone's kicking ass and doing well in these trying times! My name is Bryan and I take pictures! Photography has always been an art form that has intrigued me tremendously ever since I was a kid. Besides the ability to freeze a moment in time, this unique art form has taught me several vital skills in life. It constantly reminds me to appreciate the little details and more importantly, to find beauty even in the most desolate of places. Above all, it is thanks to photography that I've managed to connect with countless other talented and brilliant individuals that I otherwise would never have had the pleasure of meeting. Oh and I'm also the easiest person to buy a gift for (according to my friends) just because everyone knows how big of a Star Wars/LOTR fan I am. That or anything tech related really, lol! 

Why did you decide to partner with Barehands?

Bryan: I first heard about Barehands when I was doing a shoot at Boutiques Fair and immediately fell in love with what they stood for. I was absolutely floored as I dug deeper and realized the kind of work they were doing - that they were more than just a brand that sells pretty cool stuff. *inserts shameless plug* (Check out my highlights on Instagram to find out more about their brand!). So of course when they brought up the idea of a collaboration, I couldn't resist and suggested that maybe I could shoot for them, and the rest was history. Turns out we got along pretty well too, almost too well hahaha. 

How would you like to continue the partnership?

Bryan: PHOTOSHOOTS, PHOTOSHOOTS AND MORE PHOTOSHOOTS! A brand with a good story needs somebody to help share that story, and because I'm such a firm believer in what they represent, I'd love to be able to do my little part and help share that story. 

What would you like to say to others during this time?

Bryan: I'm sure that almost all, if not most of us, have been affected by the recent pandemic in one way or another. And with the newly implemented circuit breaker, most of our lives have been put on hold, myself included. As a photographer, I shoot mainly Fashion/Lifestyle stuff so that definitely has been a no-go. But I guess the silver lining amidst all the chaos (or lack thereof) is that this forces us to think outside of the box and do things that we normally would never have thought of.

And because I deal mostly with retail businesses, I've seen firsthand the obstacles that stand before them with regards to key business operations like new collection launches and what not. I figured that I would be able to help them and myself out, it is after all a time where we all need to band together and support one another! For a nominal fee, these businesses will send me their products via mail and I'll do a little styled product shoot for them so that way at least they'll have content to publish on their sites, their customers get to buy new and cool stuff and we all do this from the comfort of our own homes! #stayhome #sociallyresponsible