Felicia Quah

"My personal dream is to never lose the hunger to work on my craft and always strive to create better than yesterday."

― Felicia Quah


Photographer and Founder of IKI Company

Our Collaboration

When Barehands first approached Felicia to join us on our first official Barehands artisan visit to India, she was just at the brink of starting IKI Company, a visual storytelling agency. Talented with a keen sense of calm beauty, her shots are inspired by love and light. She describes herself as a photographer that is on a constant look out for intimate, raw and organic emotions that dawn from unscripted moments and sentimental connections. As a brand, IKI seeks to document stories filled with honesty; the excitement and adventures, quiet moments, joyous laughter and silent tears - extraordinarily real moments created by an all-consuming love. Ever since, the partnership with IKI has blossomed to various kinds of storytelling, not just model and products.