Hand Embroidery by Mothers

〣 Location: Singapore
〣 No of Artisan: 1

"I'm hoping to earn supplementary income and be able to work from home so that I can spend more time with my sons."

- Samy

About The Community

Samy, is a mother of two boys who works multiple jobs and is the sole breadwinner of her household. Excellent with her hands, she was once a jewelry maker who sold products in her heyday. When we visited her home, she proudly showed us her artwork - a simple yet intricately-stitched sofa covering in her living room. Samy has a passion to learn new craft, yet at the same time, provide for the education of her two sons.

About The Collaboration

She was the artisan who partnered Inez Tan and Barehands in our collaboration of embroidered and sequinned ear studs.