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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions? We're here to help!



1. How do I make an order?

Go to the product you wish to purchase -> Select the size or colour your prefer -> Click 'Add to Cart' -> Go to Cart (click image of cart) -> Select 'Check Out' ->  Include delivery or product instructions under 'Order Notes' -> Key in your credit card details -> Order is placed!

As of now, we only take payments via Credit Card. Rest assured, we do our utmost best to ensure your online safety and security.

2. I see a Buy Now Pay Later installment option on your website called Hoolah. What is it about?

We understand that there are times when you really love a product but would like the option to pay across several months. Our Barehands has partnered with payment provider Hoolah to allow greater accessibility for all our customers. Check out Hoolah to find out more on how you can purchase through interest-free installments.



1. Are you a Charity Organisation?

Our Barehands is a for-profit enterprise with a strong social mission. We work with craftsmen and women communities around the world to co-create unique, quality lifestyle pieces. Our goal is to see every producing community we work with attain long-term sustainability by creating profitable trade opportunities for them.

2. How do your producing communities benefit?

We partner with our producers to showcase their skill and artistry, helping them to tap into new market opportunities through co-creation of products and supporting them to unlock logistical and regulatory hurdles of doing business globally. Through the sharing of these competencies, our goal is to see every producing community we partner, stand on their own two feet.

3. I want to be a part of Our Barehands! How do I go about this?

Our Barehands stands by the belief that everyone has the power in their hands to make a difference, no matter what profession, level of skill or experience. We're constantly on the lookout for potential partners who would be keen to join us in our Barehands movement. Check out collaborate to find out more.


We are constantly evolving and striving to improve your customer experience. Should you have further enquiries or feedback, feel free to contact us! We'd love to hear from you :)