Our Mission

At the heart of it, we believe in working hand in hand with the artisans in our small-producing communities.

As such, every community we work with, every collaborator we partner with, and every single product we make, ties back into a single, shared vision — of a more equitable world for us all. We’re involved every step of the way; from selecting beads and fabrics, to making sure our communities are being paid fairly and can maintain sustainable livelihoods.

Artisan Communities

We’re firm believers of building strong, sustainable communities. As a result, we make sure to work amongst small-producing communities with varying backgrounds from all over the world. We strive to build relationships that grow into long-lasting partnerships, grounded in a shared vision, remarkable artistry and immense commitment.

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We believe sharing is caring, and that means our partnerships aren’t meant for us alone. We want to connect our artisan communities with like-minded collaborative partners like you. So if you’re a designer, storyteller, photographer, investor, all round creative cool cat, we’ve got just the opportunity for you.

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The results of our partnerships and collaborations are a set of thoughtfully designed and skilfully made products for everyday use. These make great gifts, heirlooms or even just some special lovin’ for self-care Sunday. Each and every one of our products brings you on a small part of our journey and makes you a part of Our Barehands community.

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We're an international collaborative platform that creates unique and quality lifestyle pieces with small-producing communities around the world.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted to make a statement - both for you, and for our artisans.

How we work

Our working relationship with our small-producing communities is anchored in the following 3 pillars.


Celebrating Artistry

Across all our communities, we’re always blown away by the sheer level of artistry and skill our artisans present. Oftentimes, these craft traditions and skills haven’t quite had the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Through spotlighting these crafts, and the hands that make them, we hope these traditions continue on for generations.


Fostering Partnerships

Through consistent open dialogue, we strive for long-lasting partnerships with all our artisan communities. That means we’re not just in it for the business, we also care if our artisans are caring for themselves holistically.


Encouraging Ownership

We’re also firm believers that our artisan communities are entrepreneurs in their own right. This means we love for them to take ownership of their own craft and products, while enabling them in any way we can to achieve their goals.