A collaboration with SingPost: Upcycling thousands of old uniforms

"Bringing together close to 40 artisans, creatives and volunteers from all walks of life and ages proved to be challenging - yet ultimately very enriching. Each made unique with a talent, it was heartwarming to see everyone learning from one another. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience!" - Chanel & Germaine, Co-founders of Our Barehands 

Our Collaboration

A first of its kind. Barehands collaborated with Singapore Post (Singapore's postal service provider) end 2021 to repurpose a range of postal uniforms that were being phased out and replaced with a refreshed colour palette. This initiative involved the collecting of some 33,000 old attires and giving them a new lease of life.

Watch the behind the scenes of Re:Post, including a segment of our founders sharing their thoughts on Barehands' involvement in this project!

Barehands, being built as a collaborative platform, saw this initiative as a challenge to bring together its network of artisans, designers, and volunteers. Within 2 months, the team brought together 1 student designer (Callyn Yang) and close to 40 pair of hands to unpick, pattern-make, cut, iron and stitch together more than 1,000 uniforms transforming them into 4 different products. They were namely, Reversible Water Repellent Tote Bag, Mailman Cushion Covers 40x40cm and 50x50cm sizes and a Patchwork Picnic Mat comprising a medley of SingPost uniforms like cargo pants, raincoats, postman shirts, and dri-fit tops.


reversible water repellent tote bag

Image above: Reversible Water Repellent Tote Bag. Photo Courtesy: SingPost

cushion cover

Image above: Cushion Cover. Photo Courtesy: SingPost

barehands upcycling

Image above: Chanel & Germaine, Co-founders of Our Barehands working together with Callyn Yang, Student Designer. Photo Courtesy: SingPost

lady's hand with sketches

Image above: Callyn Yang, Student Designer with her product sketches. Photo Courtesy: SingPost

Image above (left to right): Germaine, Callyn (Student designer), Cindy (Volunteer), Chanel. Photo Courtesy: SingPost

The green initiative was launched on World Post Day, 9 October 2021 where it garnered media attention. Read more about the initiative from The Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao.

The upcycled products are available for purchase in all SingPost's Philatelic Stores, selected Post Offices, as well as on SingPost's online store. All proceeds will be donated in full to the South West Caregiver Support Fund, an interim relief to help caregivers in their caregiving expenses; and Meals Services @ South West, a complementary subsidy so residents in need can continue to receive warm meals from the Meals-on-Wheels programme.

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