Ng Wei Ming

“I just hope to be able to do what I love for a living because life is short - there’s no point in waking up everyday and working at a job that you dislike.”

 Ng Wei Ming


Aspiring Fashion Photographer

Our Collaboration

Wei Ming's initial reason to pick up a camera was to learn cinematography during his limited free time while he was serving his National Service. However, it was too challenging for him due to time constraints. Not wanting his camera to collect dust in a corner, Wei Ming diverted himself to photography and specialised in Fashion Portraiture. Although, he would still want to give cinematography another go someday. Our collaboration with Wei Ming was a test photoshoot both indoors and outdoors - this was also Wei Ming's first photoshoot with a lifestyle brand. Beyond the collaboration, he has become friends with the team at Barehands.

Visit Wei Ming's portfolio here