Huan by Chantelle: Natura - From the Earth to the Skies

"I hope that this collection will remind all of us on how we can choose to embrace changes and to look at changes in a positive light, transforming them from a simple passing scene to a fruitful opportunity."

― Chantelle Lin, Studio of Huan by Chantelle

1. Could you share a little about yourself?

Chantelle: Hello! My name is Chantelle and I am the founder of Studio Huan by Chantelle. I am an artist and multi-disciplinary designer, with my main focus in art, objects and sculpture in varying mediums including ceramics, textiles and eco-sustainable materials. Much of my work is focused on intuitive values of aesthetics and elements drawn from nature. I hope to produce collections and designs that bring poetry and presence to both the space it inhabits, and its occupants — to create a balance between art, functionality and its purpose. I also have experience in business communications, and am personally very interested in styling and the digital creative sphere! 

2. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Chantelle: I am lucky to have studied art and design in both Spain and the United Kingdom. My main inspiration for this collection came from my time in London, where I spent majority of my time walking the quiet streets between home and school. It was amazing to experience the changing seasons — from spring to autumn, autumn to winter, and back to the summer. One thing that stood out the most was the physical changes in nature, particularly in the trees, leaves and its surroundings. The bare branches and falling leaves created a beautiful and impactful silhouette against the skies.

This scene often sparked thoughts about my personal journey through my studies and career, and these natural occurrences resonated deeply with my personal story. This gave me inspiration to the conceptualising of this collection; reflecting the changing seasons present in both nature and in life.


3. Why did you decide to collaborate with Barehands?

Chantelle: I found Barehands through a mutual friend and follower on Instagram. After reading more about the brand's values and mission, I really loved the way Barehands was in touch with smaller communities, helping in any way they could find by transforming the communities' traditional craft to modern apparel. 

I was also looking for a way to reach such communities, hence with barehands, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate - one that saw a new relationship formed through connecting different groups of people from all around the world but working towards a common project and goal.


4. What do you hope to achieve with this collection?

Chantelle: The name of the collection is Natura — which means “nature already created”. The prints itself reflect the changing seasons - in nature and in life. The collection hence visualises this natural, inevitable yet beautiful change; although uncontrollable and at times, imminent, I hope that it reminds all of us how we can choose to embrace changes and to look at changes in a positive light, transforming them from a simple passing scene to a fruitful opportunity.


5. Any piece of advice for aspiring creatives/designers/artists out there?

Chantelle: To believe in your creative talent. There are many times where we might doubt ourselves - how creative we are, how talented, or how valuable being an artist/creative/designer actually is. To remember that your talent is unique and no matter how tough the journey is, to continue pursuing this passion and work on it one way or another. It is never the end result, but the process that matters!

Collection launching 3 April, 11am over @our.barehands on Instagram Live.

clear skies


Images taken by Chantelle in London, UK.