Spice Zi Kitchen - The Iftar Menu

"Spice Zi Kitchen was started simply because foods we eat at home, cooked by our mothers, cannot be found anywhere else. Spice Zi Kitchen is an experience to learn heirloom recipes of Indian Muslim food homemade by grandmothers and mothers. We want you to taste, learn and share the joy of our food. Through these cooking classes, you become a part of our culture, and you become part of our family when you eat with us."  - Taahira, Founder of Spice Zi Kitchen

A special one-of-a-kind Iftar collaboration we did with Indian Muslim home-based experiential set up, Spice Zi Kitchen - run by a mother-daughter duo, Taahira and Mama Zi.

Watch our experience below learning more about the Indian Muslim cuisine and their way of life, particularly during the month of fasting, Ramadan. The session was joined by our two lovely guests, Beatrice Lee and Sarah Huang Benjamin. All participants are wearing pieces from our 100% linen collection. 

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Hop over to book your cooking class with Spice Zi Kitchen. For the month of April, every participant will receive a Batik Knot Bag and a $20 Barehands Gift Voucher too.

Discover more about the ins and outs of Taahira and her family over here.

Scroll down for more snippets of our time together!

Video by Jethro Fernandez

Photos by Ashok Kumar