Natalie, Alesce: Creative works, Stories, Thoughts & Perspectives

"When women come together and do life together, magic happens -- dreams are birthed, relationships deepen, and life changes."

- Natalie, Founder & Editor of ALESCE

Passionate about empowering women, Natalie, Founder and Editor of ALESCE started the collective in 2017. We had a brief chat with her on ALESCE and what it hopes to achieve:

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started ALESCE?

I'm Natalie, the founder of ALESCE, an organisation that hopes to empower the modern-day woman. ALESCE began as a passion project in my second year of university. I was living abroad for three years and I had the chance to experience a very different life from the one that I grew up in here in Singapore. I began to realise that life isn't all about success, a good career, or how hard one works. While those are definitely still important (in some way), I began to realise how precious every day was. Every new day given to us is a gift and it should be enjoyed.

It is not so much about where I live but about the opportunities that I choose to seize and the abundance of life in the little things around me. And that's how ALESCE began. I wanted to create a space for the modern woman to be inspired while also having a community to journey with. We all want to feel a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves.

ALESCE is currently in a major rebranding season where we are trying to work out how we can serve our community better, but even through these changes, our vision remains the same. When women come together and do life together, magic happens -- dreams are birthed, relationships deepen, and life changes.

What is ALESCE's hope or vision for the future?

Through our content, products, and community gatherings, ALESCE hopes to be able to inspire anyone who comes in contact with us. We want to bring out the real emotions, journeys, and stories that we experience in life. When these real stories are told, an authentic community is an inevitable outcome. Ultimately, we hope to encourage all women out there that they are not alone and that there is more to life than we sometimes see.

What's one favourite memory of yours at ALESCE?

My favourite memory of ALESCE would actually be when the team gathers together. My team is made up of a talented group of about 15 women who believes in the same vision and heart ALESCE does. While we hope to build a community through ALESCE's content and gatherings, we have managed to build it amongst ourselves too. How random people can come and do life together just by a united vision amazes me. Over the years, I have grown deep friendships with different members of the ALESCE team too. If anything, that in itself is more than worth it and would definitely be a memory to keep.

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