Eugenia, Nodspark: Fuss-free, beautiful nails in less than 10 minutes

"We believe that looking polished should never come at the expense of spending time on what truly matters in life."

Started by Singaporean mother and entrepreneur Eugenia Ye-Yeo, Nodspark aspires to celebrate effortless beauty. Creative, fuss-free and fun, the brand created a simple self-care kit that require no drying time and scent free. Truly perfect for women who relish looking put together with oh-so-little time! 

Could you tell us a bit about yourself, when, why and how you started Nodspark?

My name is Eugenia, I'm the founder and brand owner of Nodspark. Prior to starting this business, I was running (and still am) Haf Box and Cane Art, selling fashionable products for the modern seniors. I like looking presentable and believe that looking good shouldn't cost you too much of your time, or it'll feel like diminishing returns. 
When I chanced upon nail wraps a few years back, I was so sold on the concept of it, and was wondering why we didn't have any in Singapore. That led me to start Nodspark, and bring accessible quality nail art to our market and beyond.


What is the difference between Nodspark and your usual nail polishes, and why do you stand by it?

The main difference is that Nodspark is a nail polish wrap (think: sticker, but a nail polish grade sticker). Its chemicals have been evaporated, hence there is no smell, plus it has been formulated to require no drying time! Another aspect that I really appreciate about nail wraps is that there isn't any smudging, which (was) really the bane of my existence back in the day! Or... getting a chip on my polish, the next day. That being said, I still enjoy my polish, and do find it equally therapeutic when I do paint my nails! But my go-to fuss-free option is now nail wraps as I can do it by myself and it's fast. Being a mother to two young children and running businesses, I don't have the luxury to be at a salon as much as I would like to!


How does Nodspark contribute to building a more sustainable world for us all?

From an eco-sustainability point-of-view, we have a recycling initiative where you can return to us your Nodspark packaging in exchange for store credits, which is our way of reducing our own waste. With us being a small business, there is already a lot that we're consuming. Though it is quite a bit of effort on our part to run this initiative, we are very thankful for a supportive Nodspark community who sees value in doing this! 

From another aspect of sustainability, I see Nodspark as being a sustainable lifestyle option, as it is affordable in time and money.

As a mum & entrepreneur, what would your advice be to others out there who want to look good; effortlessly, ethically, and sustainably - all without spending a ton of money?

I would say be objective about the choices you make! If you purchase from brands that are ethical in their business processes and practices (not just marketing), that's you being a part of that community!

On the fashion front, Nodspark, of course, is your go-to home salon for nails that gets your nails fixed under 10 minutes. Never underestimate the joy pretty nails bring! Other things to note are definitely dressing presentably according to your body type, and refraining from being too sloppy (it's a slippery slope, haha!). 


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