Shastya, Diandra & Aisya of OAKSVA

"Our dream is to introduce Indonesia to the world through our brand & products and of course make Indonesia proud!"
- Shastya, Diandra & Aisya, Founders of OAKSVA
OAKSVA started as a school project from when Founders, Shastya and Diandra were studying together in University (School of Management, Bandung Institute of Technology). During that period, they came up with the business idea of creating accessories/jewelry out of natural elements like sand and spices. Upon their graduation, they started to develop the business into something larger, which then included one of their friends, Aisya. Since then, the three of them are inseparable in this work of showcasing Indonesia's best, of both artisans and natural elements through jewelry brand, OAKSVA.

Hear from the founders:

1. How did you start OAKSVA?
As shared, OAKSVA started as a group business project from our university days. The theme of the assignment was to create a business that had something to do with Indonesia and technology. Based on that directive, we decided to create modern designed jewelry that incorporated Indonesian sands and spices.

We asked ourselves; what is a resource that could be easily obtained, is available in large quantities and is sustainable? We found the answer to be sand and spices! Indonesia, being a country rich in spices of different varieties as well as famous, for its beautiful beaches, we felt that it would be the perfect showcase of our motherland!

OAKSVA believes that we can encourage Indonesian women to be proud of their heritage and where they come.

2. Why did you choose to work with these artisans?
Indonesia is home to many talented local artisans, and after searching high and low for ones who understood our vision and those who could work well with the team, we found that our artisans in both Gianyar and Yogyakarta were the perfect fit!

3. What is your hope for your artisans?
Craftsmanship and intricate manufacturing expertise is what the people of Gianyar are known for, and through OAKSVA, we gave them a chance to explore their talents and earn a decent wage to ensure that their families are well supported. Our hope is that they will continue to be able to have this channel to express and develop themselves creatively, while have the ability to gain a sustainable livelihood in the process.

4. Who designs the collections & what inspired you?
The three of us are the designers behind the collections! Referring to our latest collection, Arus, we aim to showcase the beauty of Indonesian seas. This is also an ode to one of our main ingredients: sands from Indonesian beaches. We designed the jewelry with the oceans in mind, therefore you can see a glimpse of the sea within each design (can you tell how our Ara earrings are inspired by Jellyfishes?)

Through OAKSVA, we hope to promote Indonesian exotic beauty by designing, manufacturing, and selling modern design resin-based jewelry that incorporate real Indonesian spices like chili, parsley, turmeric and sands from all over Indonesia like from the Tulamben Beach in Bali and Murui River in Kalimantan!

    5. Apart from hard work, passion and skill, what other ingredients go into your jewelry?
    There are two main processes in creating our jewelry—the makings of the resin piece and the incorporation of the metal. They are made of gold plated brass / silver plated brass / sterling silver 925 made with non-toxic resin, and a touch of Indonesian Sand and Spices!

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